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CBD is not for everyone, but if it is for you the benefits can be life changing. Educate, converse, research and buy the perfect CBD for you.


CBD is a hot topic due to its legality and close association to Cannabis. Make sure you stay up to date on any changes to CBD leglisation, research and products.


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CBD is available in a variety of potency’s and delivery methods. Each manufactures product is unique and is designed to address specific issues, Make sure you have the right CBD for you. 



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CBD Tincture

CBD Tinctures go under your tounge and absorbed through mucous membrane

CBD Gummy

CBD gummys are whimsical reminders of your childhood vitimans 

CBD Topical

CBD topicals go anywhere outside the body applied to the skin

CBD Food

CBD food is injested and comes in verities, such as sweet or savory

CBD Drink

CBD drinks are ingested and can be pre mixed and bottled or self mixed

CBD Books

CBD books are a great way to inform give yourself facts and prospective on CBD, its uses and more

Smoke-able CBD

CBD hemp flowers can be smoked in a cigarette or concentrated into oils


No one has time to try every CBD product on the market and see what works for them. That’s why we try them for you! We are so dedicated to finding the perfect CBD for you, we even tried the gross stuff so you wouldn’t have to.

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“Cannabinoids have been absent from our diets for decades. It’s time we take back our health and feed our endocannabinoid systems. Thank you findCBDanswers for showing us the way!”

“Im 72 and had no idea what CBD was. Thank’s to yall I feel 30 again, I can’t believe this was illegal.”

Beatrice F.

“My daughter was having over 7 seizures per day. Now she’s down to once a month! Thank god I found the right CBD for her.”

Loranne S.

“I had insomnia since I was 10. I stumbled on this site and found the right CBD for me. I never looked back.”

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Are you ready to find the perfect CBD for you?

You know your body the best, you should be the only one to decide what goes into it. We all know our bodies have an endocannabinoid system and CBD has been used since 2700BC, now’s the time to take back your health and find the perfect CBD for you.